• Swing Wave Golf Trainer

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    SwingWave Golf Swing Trainer The SwingWave is a scientifically designed and patented swing trainer that utilizes the flow of water in a high tech designed chamber to facilitate the proper motion of the ultimate golf swing. As the golfer swings into the backswing, the water shifts in the chamber if the wrists are hinged properly and on plane. We refer to this action as the loading of the swing's energy. On the downswing, the water shifts to the opposite end of the chamber causing the player to feel the proper releasing and squaring of the clubface. Unlike evenly or head weighted swing trainers, the SwingWave’s weight shifting abilities at the precise moment when the wrists hinge and unhinge place it into a category of its own when it comes to feel and muscular memory. Benefits: SwingWave Golf Swing Trainer Strengthens golf muscles Increases flexibility Increases club head speed Eliminates slicing completely Masters the weight transfer The ultimate tempo trainer Teaches to swing on the correct swing plane Creates extension in the backswing through impact Release and squares the clubface upon impact Perfect for warming up before play Duplicates the feel of the proper load and release Eliminates over swinging & casting Feel the Motion! The SwingWave drill will train you to hinge your wrists properly and on the correct swing-plane in your backswing. On your downswing, you will learn to retain the power angle and release and square the clubface up.