• Puttron Perfection


    Simply the finest putter face indicator on the market. PUTTron’s infrared system will let you know precisely when your putter is aligned to the target by emitting a steady “beep” or a green indicator light. Attach a thumbnail sized mirror and any doubt is removed. Works from 3 ft. to 30 ft. with AA batteries.

    PUTTron Perfection shows you the exact moment your putter face is square.

    Did you know that the ball influences the optics of how you see face alignment? Did you know you will see alignment differently with different putters and different lengths or lie angle of putter? Many of these factors relate to your setup and and eye position in relation to your aimline.

    PUTTron Perfection is the finest putting face indicator on the market. It uses an infrared alignment system that will let you know exactly when your putter is properly aligned to the target by:

    • Sounding a steady "beep" tone or
    • Emitting a green indicator light.

    The only thing you need to do is affix a small mirror to the toe of your own putterad and you're on your way to sinking more putts. You will learn to 'see square' from 3-feet to 30-feet. The great thing about PUTTron Perfection when compared with putting lasers is that you can see it and use it outdoors.