• How To Win The US Open (Digital)

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    My book is under revision but you can still read it digitally. Also, you can add YOUR OWN chapter if you have a strong and credible knowledge of a particular subject. Let me know what you'd like to add and if it is interesting, I'll reference you in the 2nd Volume due out soon.

    Professional golfer, mid handicap or beginner. Is it possible for any golfer, regardless of their current status to win the biggest prize in golf? “YES!” says Richard Trammel, author of How to Win the US Open. How is this possible? The answers can be found is this fascinating book on golf instruction that will educate every level player from the novice to the experienced touring pro. Trammel brings to you a new way of looking at instruction. This book is broken down into different levels depending on where you are at the time of reading. From the basics of the grip to the mental side of the game, Richard lends an optimistic look at your improvement with useful antidotes taken from his past successes and failures.

    Every golfer has great stories and this book will entertain you with of some Richard’s incredible tales as he navigates his story to you. Richard Trammel will inspire you to challenge the golf community status quo and be a winner both on an off the course. Are you up to the challenge? Can you imagine yourself raising the Open Trophy above your head in victory or your club championship? You only live once and somebody has to win. It might as well be you. Let’s get cracking!