• Deane Beman's Aim-Check Golf Putting Trainer


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    Who the heck is Deane Beman? He used to be the PGA Commissioner who famously battled with Mac O'Grady. But now he has put his name on a golf putting trainer. So here it is.

    The most common reason for missed putts is putter alignment.  More than 90% of all golfers struggle with aiming their putters correctly.  Deane Beman's Aim-Check eliminates the problem in an instant!  The colorful Aim-Checks simply adhere to the face of your putter using the enclosed adhesive discs.  Set your putter down behind the ball and your eyes have an entirely new perspective for aligning your putter head.  In an instant you'll see a perfect line to the cup, solve your putter alignment issues for good, and immediately begin to make more putts!

    Use Deane Beman's Aim-Check on the practice putting green while you putt to improve your vision for seeing the correct line and aiming your putter properly every time. Deane Beman's Aim-Check come complete with additional adhesive discs and a convenient carry tube to store in your golf bag for use the next time you practice your putting.