• Dave Pelz Teacher Putter Tape

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    The work of Dave Pelz and the Dave Pelz Scoring Game School have improved the games of both pros and amateurs for years by providing them with honest and understandable feedback. Pelz Teacher® Putter Tape is a key practice aid in this process.

    When you place a piece of Teacher Putter Tape on your putter, every putt will leave an “impact impression”. Multiple impact impression create your “impact pattern”, and the location and size of this impact pattern is very important to understanding your putting skills.

    Your package of Teacher Putting Tape includes 36 individual pieces. One the reverse side of the instruction sheet, you will find a calendar to affix the used impact tape to record your progress.

    Each piece of Teacher Putter Tape has five circles, each getting farther from the center. These circles are to be used as a reference for your impact pattern improvement over time. If, after 30 putts of varying length and break, your impact pattern is entirely within:

    Circle 1: you are a Super-Pro (ready to putt on the Tour)
    Circle 2: you are a Pro (very good)
    Circle 3: Standard (Average)
    Circle 4: Weak (needs serious improvement)
    Circle 5: Beginner (you have no idea how far your putts will roll, and improvement is straight ahead)

    Your goal should always be to impact all putts on the putter’s “sweet spot.” The more consistently you putt with sweet-spot impact, the more consistent the energy transfer to your putts will be, the better you will control your putting speed, and the better you will putt.