• Dave Pelz Putting Tutor


    Used and endorsed by Phil (I think).

    The PELZ Putting Tutor® will help you:

    1. Improve Green Reading
    2. Square your Putter Face
    3. Verify Eye Position
    4. Putt Like The Pros
    Designed to identify the putts you strike squarely and start rolling on-line, the Putting Tutor® features a guide line to help aim your putt on the exact chosen line for your putt.

    The Tutor's eye position stripes allow you to verify consistent eye position at address. Consistent eye position is necessary for great putting fundamentals. The Tutor's flat back edge helps you square your putter face at address.

    The Putting Tutor also has two marbles at its front edge, which tell you whether or not you've just made a "pure strike" and started a putt on line. If your putt dislodges a marble, it means your ball started off-line. This is good feedback because:
    1. You cannot learn how much a putt breaks if you hit it poorly
    2. You need to know which of your strokes start putts on line vs. off line
    3. You'll learn to consistently groove a reliable "pure-stroke" putting stroke.
    Practicing with the Pelz Putting Tutor will help you improve your green-reading skills as you simultaneously learn to make consistently better putting strokes. The feedback the Putting Tutor provides takes the mystery out of missing putts and will help you become a better putter!

    Once you've begun making pure strokes, you can focus on watching the roll of your putts. If your stroke was good (no marbles were dislodged) and your speed was good, but you still miss the putt, you know you must have read the break wrong. You learn how much putts break simply by adjusting the aim of the Putting Tutor higher or lower, until well struck putts go in.