• Dave Pelz Putting Track


    “Proven by PGA TOUR Pros: the more you practice in the TRACK, the better you putt”

    • Develop down-the-line stroke through impact
    • Verifies perfect eye position at address
    • Grooves perfect alignment to your target
    • 2 Set-ups: Straight Back, Straight Through or Arc Stroke practice

    My review: This is the latest version of the Pelz Putting Track. The 1st version was metal whereas this is made of plastic. I have had reports that this track will move during a putt if not stroked perfectly but since I have not tested it out yet, I can't say for sure. I will post my video review soon. The one thing I am sure of is this product is only good for those of you dedicated to the straight back and straight through stroke unlike the Putting Arc products. This track is based on the philosophy of Dave Pelz.