• Dave Pelz Learning Aid: Teacher Wedge Impact Tape

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    Dave Pelz Teacher® Wedge Tape will help you develop consistent "sweet-spot" impacts with all of your wedges. Using instant feedback, you will be well on your way to more solid, reliable impact on wedge shots of all distances.

    Just like a putter, every wedge has a clearly-defined sweet spot. When your shot impact pattern is toward the toe of the wedge, you lose distance and the ball travels right of its intended target (for right handers). When the impact is toward the hozel of the wedge, your shot tendency is weak and to the left. Your package of Teacher® Wedge Tape includes 18 individual pieces. You will want to create a record book so you can maintain a record of your impact tapes over time.

    Your goal should be to hit shots that consistently impact the wedge’s sweet spot. With feedback clearly visible after your practice sessions, you can chart your progress as you improve your wedge swing.