• Dave Pelz Learning Aid: Bunkerboard


    With a Pelz BunkerBoard, almost any outdoor space can be transformed into your own private practice bunker. With each swing, the BunkerBoard’s concave surface reinforces the proper motion and “feel through impact” for well-played sand shots. 

    Using the Dave Pelz BunkerBoard, a laundry basket and a small bucket of sand, you can have productive practice sessions that will remove your fear of sand play on the course.

    The BunkerBoard is designed with a concave hitting surface that helps golfers learn to swing through sand shots without the “digging” or “deceleration” that cause poor results from sand. You will learn exactly how good sand shots look and feel, so you can repeat them from any bunker situation. The Pelz BunkerBoard comes to you fully assembled—just add sand and it is ready to use.