• Dave Pelz ChipStick


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    If left-wrist breakdown is your problem in chipping, the Dave Pelz ChipStick™ is your answer. The ChipStick™ helps you break this bad habit! Made to slip over the grip end of your club, the ChipStick™ enables you to use your own chipping clubs while you work on correcting your chipping fundamentals with simple feedback.

    The ChipStick™ was designed by Dave Pelz to provide immediate feedback: it will bang up against your left side if your wrists break down during your chipping swing.
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    If your left wrist breaks during your chipping motion bad things can happen – like fat shots, bladed shots that roll way too far, or shots that carry an inconsistent distance and never get near the hole.

    Using the ChipStick™ is easy: Simply attach the spiral end of the ChipStick™ onto the grip end of the club you intend to chip with, by sliding the open end of the coil down over the grip until it stops. Align the ChipStick™ so the bottom rod fits into your fingers down the back of the grip, when you take a proper grip at address.

    A ChipStick can help you learn to chip with no wrist-break. This motion will help you get more chip shots tracking toward the hole and stopping in the “make-able putt” range.