• Align-Drive Golf Training Aid



    Golfers are always in search of a simple way to make sure they are aligned to their intended target. Most commonly this is addressed by placing a club on the ground. While a club is better than nothing, it does nothing to indicate where the feet should be placed or where and how far away the ball should be placed. Place the ball and inch forward in your stance and might never know, but you’ll probably change your swing to compensate if the ball starts going left.

    The Align-Drive is very simple, but it is also well designed. The white plastic tube is 3’ long and will fit nicely in your bag with your other clubs. Stance positions are printed on the tube for easy reference. The green cross-piece is inserted through holes in the side of the tube to keep ball position and distance from the ball consistent. The rod is beveled and only extends through the hole a specific amount. Thus the rod inserted through the driver hole will extend much further than when the rod is inserted through the wedge hole.

    All-in-all, the Align-Drive is an affordable, well designed product that can benefit any level player.