• Accu-Hit Golf Grip Training Aid


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    The AccuHit is a durable, highly efficient golf training accessory, composed of Sanoprene material. The AccuHit is designed to help keep the right hand out of play until needed during the swing. The AccuHit allows for the natural release of energy during a swing. Player mental stress and fatigue cause finger pincer tension, that results in a premature release of energy by the dominant muscle groups. This premature release of energy will result in an undesired swing and an errant stroke of the ball.

    The AccuHit can be used by any golfer, whether a beginner or a professional. Low handicap golfers see improved performance and higher results when using the AccuHit with their driver and long irons. This is due to the driver and long irons having less loft than any other club. Square contact through the ball is harder to make, and the ball sidespin caused by these clubs inherently dominates the ball direction. The AccuHit helps to alleviate the problems caused by sidespin when using these clubs. Whereas short irons are designed for shorter distance, the loft of these clubs alleviates and offsets any sidespin that may have been placed on the ball when struck. Beginner and high handicap golfers who use the AccuHit find an improved performance when using both their irons and woods. The AccuHit allows the beginning golfer to unconsciously develop competence in the ball striking abilities by gaining the proper feel for each club.

    Too much thumb/forefinger pressure
    - Over/Under rotation
    - Slicing and hooking
    - Flipping of wrists

    - Mildly firm grip pressure
    - Ring/Middle finger control
    - Natural wrist hinge
    - Control longer straighter ball flight