• AccraSpeed Trainer



    Provides proper warm up, systematic velocity and technique training. Gives players a way to feel and hear acceleration through the impact zone.

    By using the AccraSpeed Sports Trainer one may start at warm up level and develop a smooth transition into velocity and technique training and end with a completed strength and endurance training program. The AccraSpeed Sports Trainer allows one to monitor their daily, monthly and yearly progress. The dial on the AccraSpeed correlates to swing speed with a golf club so you can find the setting that only chirps at maximum velocity or you can increase the sensitivity to see exactly where in the swing you load the club or perhaps release to early.

    The AccraSpeed Sports Trainer is worn like a wrist watch, does not require resetting or visual monitoring during or after each sports action and is designed to register outward centrifugal force which produces an audible chirp used in the training program, indicating the desired velocity has been reached. Casing is made of high impact aluminum therefore is very durable for all applications, is light weight, and only 2 3/4 inches in length and can be carried easily in the player's pocket.

    A single versatile sports training product that can be used by every sports member in the family for baseball, softball, tennis, and of course, golf!