• Accelerator Putting Mats


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    Studies have shown that the vast majority of players are unable to square their putter face to a given target. In addition, players may aim in different directions as the length of putt varies. It is not uncommon to find a player that aims 3 inches left of the target at 5 feet, but a foot or more right of the target at 20 feet.

    Without proper feedback individual variances in optics, setup and length of putt make squaring the putter face virtually impossible. The patented Accelerator mat provides the feedback you'll need to learn this critical element in putting. Simply setup to the squaring lines at 3, 5 and 7 feet, square your face and stroke the ball with confidence. The Accelerator Model 2 which feeds the ball back a couple of feet towards the player, and the Accelerator Model 3 which is identical but has a longer return track on the side.