6 Month Lesson Contract


This lesson package is for the player dedicated to self-improvement. This plan involves a comprehensive overview of your ENTIRE game from Driver to Putter. We will evaluate all aspects of your golf course management skills to your practice schedule. I will work with you on any aspect of your game you feel needs attention for a 6-month period of time. We will schedule a lesson of your choosing every week for a 6-month period of time. We will document and analyze your improvements every step of the way to determine what is working best for you. In total, this plan includes any combination of swing evaluations, putter or wedge work, playing lessons, and mental skills training for at least 24 consecutive weeks. Working together, we will plan your lessons based on your schedule and needs. This is AWESOME!

*NOTE: Any additional charges for greens fees (if I'm playing) or ride alongs (as caddy) will be the responsibility of the client.